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Our Practice

At In Tune Healing Arts, we are here to help you rebalance, recover, and thrive. Our team treats a wide range of acute and chronic diseases, specializing in mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, chronic insomnia, nightmares, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and chronic pain conditions.  We will help you discover the cause of your imbalances, and provide the space and tools for healing to be activated.  The therapies offered gently, yet powerfully, clear, retune and create fertile ground for healing to occur.

Our Mission

In Tune Healing Arts is a collective of practitioners that aspire to bring compassionate, holistic medical and mental health care to any person who requires it by committing to values of integrity, community, open-heartedness, and levity.


Acupuncture and Sound Healing

Balance your Energy



Nourish your Body and Mind

Eyes Closed


Take a Mind-Body Approach

Mudra Meditation

Naturopathic Care

Getting to the Root Cause

Healthy Food


Facilitating a Deeper Level of Transformation