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White Sand and Stone





Traditional Chinese Medicine - The use of thin sterile needles to stimulate internal healing resources and release physical and emotional blockages.  Treatments can also involve the use of moxa (the burning of mugwort to stimulate an acupuncture point) and cupping.


5-Element Acupuncture - A style of Chinese Medicine based on Daoist principles rooted in the philosophy that we are part of the rhythms of nature.  This style works with the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) within each person to encourage internal harmony and balance.  Involves the use of both acupuncture and moxa.

Other common modalities

  • Cupping: use of cups that are suctioned to the skin to stimulate qi and blood movement

  • Tui Na: Chinese translation means “pinch and pull” used to stimulate qi and blood movement

  • Gua Sha: Use of ceramic or stone scraping tool to break up fascia and move qi and blood


What to expect

​​Intake Visits:  

75-90 minutes including a thorough interview, medical history review, physical exam, and needle treatment. Nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations are made as appropriate.


Follow-up Visits: 

60 minutes including interval history and treatment.


Patients who may benefit

Individuals with pain (chronic and acute), gastrointestinal issues (nausea and pain), stress-related disorders, and much more. Check with your insurance provider for covered conditions.

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