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Craniosacral Therapy




Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of somatic work that involves gentle holding of cranial bones, the sacrum, and the extremities to optimize the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. When CSF flow has been impacted by chronic emotional or structural stress or trauma such as motor vehicle accidents, head injuries and other pain disorders, the impact can be felt downstream in every other body system. Craniosacral therapy through relaxation and therapeutic touch can help alleviate discomfort caused by fascial restrictions, improve lymph flow, decrease pain, as well as improve sleep and digestion.


What to expect

​​Intake Visits:  

Sessions will involve table work, face-up.  Shoes will be off, patients remain clothed.  First sessions are 45 minutes, return visits are 30 minutes.


Follow-up Visits: 

60 minutes.  Follow up visits begin to work through the plan established in the intake visit and continue to explore steps towards nutrition goals and creating a safe space to work through the challenges associated with moving towards these goals. In addition, depending on the client's needs and goals, lab results can be reviewed and a nutrition plan can be made to support these results. As needed, we can create a meal guideline and work together to find foods and recipes to support this meal guideline. 


Typically clients are seen weekly or every two weeks to start,  however the frequency of follow up depends on the client’s needs.


Patients who may benefit

Individuals who would like support for both mental and physical health such as autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, disordered eating, fatigue and mental health. If a client is unsure if a nutrition visit is appropriate, they can schedule a free 20-minute meet-and-greet over the phone to better understand if this service is a good fit for them.

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