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White Sand and Stone

Naturopathic Primary Care

 with focus on mental health and gastrointestinal health




Naturopathic medical care included preventative services, troubleshooting problems, and wellness exams. Naturopathic physicians assess, diagnose and manage patients using traditional and modern techniques.  

Treatments are co-created with the patient and start with deploying the most appropriate treatment based on a wide arsenal that includes counseling, nutrition, physical manipulation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, pharmaceuticals, supplements and acupuncture.   


For individuals looking for non-pharmaceutical support for mental health conditions, we design custom treatment plans aimed at addressing the underlying causes.  These  include nutritional and gastrointestinal inadequacies, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, genetic mutations, and trauma.  Through the implementation of the myriad of available modalities that we employ, we support you with restoring physical and emotional balance over time.


What to expect

First visits are 75 minutes long and are focused on intake of information.  Follow ups will include diagnostic workup, including labs and imaging.


Lab work - Including functional blood work, nutritional testing, salivary and urine hormone testing, digestive stool analysis, food allergy testing, genetic testing, heavy metal testing, and neurotransmitter testing. 

Specialty labs -  We draw speciality labs (not through LabCorp). These blood draw appointments can only be scheduled in the morning Monday through Thursday.


Patients who may benefit

  • People who want their primary care, gastrointestinal care and mental health care to happen with the same provider

  • People who need an alternative approach to their medical and mental health concerns, because conventional treatments have not worked well enough to resolve the issues

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