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Out-of-Pocket Rates

New Comprehensive Naturopathic Visit: $375

The first visit is 75-90 minutes and will involve a comprehensive interview, assessment and treatment.  

New Brief Naturopathic Visit: $200

This first visit takes 30-45 minutes and will include a brief interview, assessment and treatment.


Return Naturopathic Only Visits:

    Comprehensive - 60 min: $300

    Extended - 30 min: $150

    Brief - 15 min: $75


First Acupuncture Visit: $225

This 90 minute visit is for individuals only interested in acupuncture. This visit will include a comprehensive intake and enough time to receive a full treatment. 

Return Acupuncture Only Visits:

60 min: $135

Packages of 5 or 10 visits are available at a 10% discount.

Return Combined Naturopathic and Acupuncture Visits:

75 min: $250

Nutrition Visits:

First Visit: $225

Return Visits: $150

Craniosacral Therapy:

First Visit: $200

Return Visits: $150

Hypnotherapy Visits:

90 min: $250

Constitutional Hydrotherapy: 

60 min: $100

Reiki Visits:

First and Return Visits (1 hr): $125
8 session pack: $875 (8th session is free)

Biofeedback/Mind-Body Medicine:

First Visit (1hr): $200
Return Visit (1hr): $150
8 session pack: $1000 (8th session is free, essentially)

Dr. Tema Gochberg Breakthrough Package: $1997

12 1-hr office visits, no extra charge for biofeedback, bodywork, Reiki, or manipulations performed during visits
6 30-min coaching calls

Allergy Program

Allergy testing $600

Annual Allergy Visit $75

Sublingual antigens

  • Dependent on allergy test results - range between $300-1400 for 140 day supply. Can also be ordered in 40 or 80 supply

Vial of antigens for in-office and at-home allergy shots

  • 10ml $300

  • 5ml $150

  • 2.5ml $75

A dose is typically 0.5ml

Cancellation Policy

As of January 2nd, we have updated our cancellation policy to require 48 business hours notice.  Appointments cancelled within 48 business hours of an appointment will automatically be charged a $150 fee. You will need to have a card on file to schedule. If there is not a card on file, your appointment will be automatically cancelled 48 business hours prior to visit.

Resilient Health Program - Sliding Scale Options

We believe that quality holistic care should not be reserved for the wealthy and that finances should never be the only barrier to experiencing the healing power of acupuncture and naturopathic care.  As such, the Resilient Health Program aims to expand quality holistic care to low-income populations primarily focusing on chronic mental health and associated conditions.  It is our goal to empower people of these populations to build resiliency in their health despite economic hardship.  

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