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Homeopathy is a different approach than most medical care.  From the homeopathic perspective, symptoms are messages from your body.   Classical homeopathic practice uses deep observation, accurate identification of what can and cannot be cured, and guidance to discover what or homeopathic similar to help gently remind the body of its natural ability to self-repair.  

Prescribing a constitutional remedy addresses the patient’s underlying “state” or constitution. This remedy is not for a specific disease, but rather for the unique constellation of symptoms and characteristics that the patient presents, which is then matched up with one of the 3000 homeopathic remedies.  The goal is to follow the principle of “like cures like” to find the best possible medicinal metaphor.  

The constitutional  remedy is given after the homeopathic intake, dispensed either on little sugar pills or in water, and then given time to act over 4-6 weeks.  Follow up visits give us the opportunity to  watch for changes over that time, looking for a response to the remedy.  

What to expect

Intake visits are 90 minutes long and sometimes involve more specific and less traditionally medical questions than a medical intake.  After the visit, a remedy will be prescribed either as a daily dose or a one-time dose followed by a period of watching and waiting.  Follow ups are generally every 4-6 weeks, then longer as health and vitality are restored.


Patients who may benefit

  • Medical cases that have not experienced relief from traditional medical treatments

  • Patients who were “never well since” a very specific experience or point in time

  • Patients who feel that their emotional state and their symptoms are too closely tied together to be treated separately

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